Here is where I keep the anime music videos I have made. Take them and claim you made them, and I'll kill you. *big evil smile* Most videos contain spoilers. Only download ONE video at a time, period. Please enjoy. ^^

"The Time of the Gundam Boys' Life"

This is my favorite Gundam Wing video that I've made. I had the concept in my head a long time, and I finally made it into this AMV. The brown grainy parts are to represent the "memories" while the in-color parts are from Odds/Evens and represent the present.

Download it!

"Sailor Moon's Lies"

This does contains lots of spoilers of Sailor Moon StarS ep. 200. This is my favorite Sailor Moon AMV that I've made. It makes me sad I couldn't get rid of the subtitles, but I still think it looks good besides that. I tried to do some lip synching and really follow the song as well as I could.

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"Sakura's Fields on Innocence"

This is my first Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles AMV. For some reason I felt "Fields of Innocence" by Evanescence fit Sakura. I'm sorry about the subtitles...I couldn't get rid of them *sweat*

Download it

"Trowa's Clowns"

This is an AMV I've wanted to do for a long time. I love Trowa and I feel like this song fits him fairly well. I did a lot of experimenting with lip synching. I wish I had more clips of him as a clown, but somehow, it seems to work.

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"Vindicated Wufei"

In an unofficial series, here is the song I felt fit Wufei, "Vindicated" by Dashboard Confessional. I did some more link synching. I wasn't completely happy with all the timing things, so I may go back and fix some things and re-upload it.

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